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Our Adventures

We have a range of different diving options, ranging from a scenic swim to more adventurous ones

  • Exprore Coral reefs

    This is a more senic adventure. Dive down and explore the coral reefs. Have an amazing veiw and experience while still staying close to the surface.

  • Exploring ecosystems

    This is also a more senic adventure. We will also explain the ecosystem before you dive in. Here you can see how animals interact with their surroundings and each other.

  • Dive with Sharks

    This adventure isnt for the faint of heart. Dive down and imerse yourself with the sea life. You can see them in their environment with your own eyes.

  • Cave diving

    This adventure is the most extreme of our 4 options. You will be diving and exsploring caves. Here there will be places where you cant go to the surface, but you will be able to experience the beauty of underwater caves.


Pictures from the adventures that people have had with us

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Heres what some of our clients think of their experience with scuba sharks.

I went on the ecosystem adventure and honestly it was a once in a lifetime experience. i would rate it 5 stars. Everyone needs to dive.
P. Star
I did the coral reef adventure. As a beginner i didnt want to start with something that was really diffucult. The staff was really helpful and they went through everything before we dove. The information they gave us on the way to our location was also really interesting.
S. Jones
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